The im- and exporter of Europe

Hanna Foods is an importer, exporter, distributor and wholesaler based in Berghem (Noord- Brabant, the Netherlands) which provides high quality products to customers.

Established in 2001, Hanna foods started importing products for the ethnical market within the Netherlands and the rest of Europe. We’ve grown to be the wholesaler for Europe for the Do Ghazal tea, as well as other high quality products such as coffee, rice and a selection of cheeses.

Our personal service and good quality belong to one of our strongest points. This is the way we’ve built a great reputation throughout all of Europe.

Why should you choose Hanna Foods?

  • Hanna foods are lucky to have the sole agency for ‘Do Ghazal Tea’ brand, finest blends from Ceylon, providing an unconditional guarantee of unique freshness & quality.
    When you drink ‘Do Ghazal Tea’ you may become addicted, returning to real tea.
  • You can purchase our products anywhere in Europe, thanks to our committed and dedicated agents in Europe.
  • Our teas are produced according to ISO-9001 certification / HACCP / FSSC / GEO / GMP / IFS / SGS GMP / SGS ISO.

Try it to believe it!