Import and Export for Europe

Hanna Foods is importer, exporter and distributor for Europe and the United Kingdom and is an established wholesaler in Berghemcity in the province Noord Brabant in the Netherlands. 

Hanna Foods offers high quality products with an unconditional guarantee for freshness and quality. 


Established in 2001 as supplier for the ethnic market and from 2003 exclusive partner of Akbar Brothers in Sri Lanka. Exclusive importer of their Do Ghazal products (tea, rice and coffee) in Europe and the United Kingdom. 

Grown to be also distributor of Dutso ButterGhee and Happy Cow Cheese. 


The personal touch and service, active customer treatment and the care for high quality products gives Hanna Foods an extending reputation in the market. 

Why choose Hanna Foods?

  • Hanna Foods is lucky to have the sole agency and exclusive right to import Do Ghazal products in Europe and the United Kingdom and therefore is the starting point for all Wholesalers and distributors. 


    Hanna Foods cooperates with the finest and most respected distributers in Europe and the United Kingdom. She organizes together with them a complete network of wholesalers who can make the exclusive Do Ghazal productsDutso Butter-Ghee and Happy Cow Cheese available for the whole territory. 


    Hanna Foods organizes and protects the market to take care that al these special products can be marketed in a balanced and secure way with benefits for all involved. 


    Hanna Foods keeps the whole assortment in stock, all products can be distributed in a fast and efficient way all over Europe and the United Kingdom. 

  • Drinking Do Ghazal tea or coffee, eating the Do Ghazal Basmati rice especially combined with the real Dutch Butter-Ghee gives the consumers a fantastic experience of taste and a big desire for more, a healthy addiction is possible. 
  • In the Do Ghazal tea, you will find the finest blends from Ceylon, providing an unconditional guarantee of unique freshness and quality.

  • Quality assurance is particularly important in Hanna Foods organisation, therefore all by Hanna Foods delivered products are produced according high international standards for safe and healthy products and are certified for ISO / HACCP / FSSC / GEO / SGS GMP / IFS and SGS ISO. 

Try it to believe it!